Holiday in Amsterdam (part 1)

This weekend Mike and I decided to hang out in Amsterdam. We decided to take it slow and only hit a few places. As soon as we left the station the holiday spirit was everywhere.

holiday street scene

Our first stop was for the best fries in Amsterdam: Vlaams Fritehuis. I recommend the mayonnaise or the speciaal curry (mayonnaise and curry ketchup topped with raw onions).

Then we were thirsty so we swung by this place: Heineken




Here is where the brewing occurs:
brewing room

the process


water and barley

Bet you didn’t know Heineken is still delivered by horse and cart. The horses are well taken care of and even get a vacation time (in the country).

blacklight brew

At the end of the tour you get to try some beer. Yes, this “bar” is part of the tour.
the bar

My beer (yep they give you two).

Next stop was the Royal Palace also known as Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam. Check out my next post about the palace.