What Dutch food are Mike and I most addicted to?

a) Stamppot
b) Appelflap
c) Cruesli

If you answered Cruesli, you are correct (and you probably read the title of the post).


This cereal is crunchy, sweet, and comes in a variety of flavors: apple raisin, chocolate hazelnut, 4 nut, and natural (to name a few). My only complaint is that the boxes are not big enough.

Travel by Train

Ok so trains aren’t a Dutch invention but the Dutch train system is pretty great. The trains will take you pretty much anywhere in the country. The system also connects with the buses too; the same pass for trains works for buses. Overall, an easy way to travel.

Warming Towel Racks

One of the most awesome household things I have discovered since moving here is the warming towel rack. Sure I knew they existed before but I didn’t know that every Dutch residence comes equipped with one. You get to step out of the shower (or tub, bathrooms here usually have both) into the warm dry embrace of your towel. If, like me, you do not have a dryer you can also hang damp clothing on the towel rack to finish drying.


One thing it seems the Dutch can’t get enough of is coffee or koffie. This is perfectly fine with me since I love the stuff.  There are stores devoted to the sale of koffie and its accoutrements.  Many cafes have 6-10 types of coffee on the menu from plain koffie to cappuccino.