Today Mike and I decided to explore a nearby town: Naarden, a fortress town dating from the 1300’s. From Google maps you can see the starburst outline of the town’s canals and fortifications. Obviously, this sounded amazing so we had to check it out.

Moat outside Naarden
Naarden’s outer canal/moat

As you approach the city, the fortifications are striking: angular high green berms rise from the ground beyond a beautiful moat. When you enter the fortifications, you can easily see the church spire. We followed the spire of Grote Kerk, past charming buildings in brick or the traditional Dutch green, to the heart of the city.

Grote of SintVitus Kerk
Grote of SintVitus Kerk

The church was open so we wandered in. There is a beautiful painted wooden ceiling with scenes from the Old and New Testaments. A nice gentleman offered us a couple mirrors to get a better look at the ceiling without neck strain. On the way out Mike stopped to admire some centuries old graffiti on one of the doors. Some of it looked like it was Latin or Greek letters.

Naarden Straat

sculpture in the garden of the Grote Kerk
sculpture in the garden of the Grote Kerk

I found poems and quotes painted on numerous buildings around the town.




There are some cafes and wine shops along the main street but sadly most of them were closed. (Monday lots of businesses close or open later.) I think we may go back to check out the wine shops at some point. We did find a nice little place to have some coffee.

Our visit to Naarden was a low key day trip and we loved the architecture and fortifications. I’m really glad we finally got to see it.