Exercise isn’t something I usually discuss and my blog has not really mentioned exercise until this post. I have mentioned that I walk everywhere but after 6 and a half months daily walking is more of a lifestyle than exercise. Early on I noticed a difference once I began walking everywhere. At first I was tired and sore all the time. Then I built up a tolerance and was able to walk across town and back without needing a nap and pain-reliever. Now between walking and my Dutch stair-master I think my legs are in pretty good condition. Shopping – ok buying 1-2 L of milk and carrying it home – has been good for my arms. Think that sounds easy? Fill up a 2L bottle with water and carry it around for 10-15 minutes, then get back to me.

One of our 3 (yes 3) staircases.
My Dutch stair-master, well one of three.

As the weather has gotten warmer, I have become more aware that I am more than just legs. (I am very much an “in my head” person and would live there if I could.) Anyway I decided that working on my core was a good place to start. The core connects to everything and a healthy strong core is essential for a healthy body. A 30 day Facebook event coincided with my intent to work on my core so I have been doing the exercises posted for the last 5 days. It helps to have someone else to be accountable for exercise. I figure after a month this exercising thing should be a habit and I can mix in other exercises. Wish me luck!

Note: I shouldn’t have to say (type) this but I am not a health expert and this post is not meant as medical advice. This is just my personal experience.