Rollende Keukens

Last Thursday we visited Rollende Keukens in Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam. As the name suggests this is a several day food truck event. Almost the whole park was end to end food trucks and music tents. We arrived early enough to nab a picnic spot on the grass. You could find pretty much any type of international, fusion, or Dutch food you could want. Our group had bahn-mi, mango-pineapple lassie, seafood burgers, fancy mac n cheese (topped with basil and tomato), stracciatella and churros.  I’d love to go again next year.

Welkom bij Rollende Keukens
Welkom bij Rollende Keukens
Combo music and beer tent with some trippy artwork
Combo music and beer tent with some trippy artwork
Dutch Weed Burger - from what I could tell this was just a veggie burger
Dutch WeedBurger – from what I could tell this was just a veggie burger but no one in the group tried it so I don’t know for sure
Kunst en Kookwerk
Kunst en Kookwerk – artisan tortillas
Chicks on a Stick - their
Chicks on a Stick – their slogan is Hottest Chicks in Town
Zwaardvis on display at one of the many seafood trucks

Food Discoveries #2

Once upon a time I would only drink wine (usually red) and occasionally some vodka (loaded with cranberry juice). Then I discovered American micro-brews and eased into the world of beer drinking. In the Netherlands, you can find almost any style of beer: IPA, pilsner, stout, Trappist, lambic etc. Due to our proximity to Belgium and Germany, stores stock a lot of Belgian styles and German beers. Mike and I are on a mission to try as many of the beers available as possible.

Here are some of my favorites:

Palm Speciale Belge – This beer is a caramel color and tastes like a light amber. It drinks easy on its own or with food. Bonus: I can find it at almost any pub or cafe.

Belgian Wit – I love the light and slightly bitter/sour taste. This style is very refreshing.

Belgian Bruin – This style reminds me of a lighter stout, caramelly but not as dark.

So what are some things you eat with these beers? Well aside from drinking a beer with dinner the Dutch will have bitterballen, kaassoufflés, krokets, and maybe a loempia or two. Personally, I enjoy

kaassoufflés – cheese sticks wrapped in rice paper and deep fried served with sweet chili sauce

loempias -think spring rolls also served with a sweet chili sauce

Another one of my favorite Dutch snacks is Katjang Pedis, peanuts covered in a spicy sambaal mixture. I always try to have some Katjang Pedis or mixed nuts in the house.