Packages and Mailing Letters

The mail system in the Netherlands is not what I was not expecting. Naturally, we are ordering various items for our new place so I deal with mail deliveries regularly. Letters come to our door (ok through the mail slot in the door). Mailboxes aren’t a big thing here. Although you may have a mailbox if you live in an apartment. Packages are delivered to you personally or (if you are out) to your closest neighbor who is at home. So far three of our packages were delivered to our neighbors while we were out. I am still getting used to this delivery method. One nice thing about the mail system is that you can opt out of junk mailers by putting a “Nee” sticker on your mail flap.

Mailing letters is not what I am used to either. The post system is privatized so you have to go to a place that sells stamps. Places that sell stamps have an orange PostNL sign outside. Often you can buy stamps at card shops and grocery stores. Stamps are labeled “Nederland 1”, “Nederland 2”, “Euro”, and “Wereld”. Which Nederland stamp you use depends on how many grams the letter weighs. The Euro stamps are for letters going to another EU country and the Wereld stamps are for letters going outside the EU. Once you have the appropriate stamp for your letter, you mail it in one of the orange PostNL mailboxes around town. Mailing packages is similar. However, just because you can buy stamps someplace doesn’t mean you can send a package there. Packages can be sent where there is an orange PostNL sign and a package symbol.