Troppenmuseum buiten
The Troppenmuseum is a multicultural museum located in Amsterdam Oost. There are exhibits showcasing the native cultures of Amsterdam immigrants from Southern Asia to Africa. The displays explore art, religion, and colonialism. As someone with a degree in anthropology, I knew I had to visit it.

The art and ritual artifacts were amazing! I enjoyed seeing the similarities and differences in the artwork especially the masks and puppets. The most difficult part to see was the section on colonialism. It is a challenging subject to approach but the exhibit handled it decently.

I really enjoyed the Muziekwereld room where you could listen to different instruments. The instruments ranged from wood and skin drums to sitars to accordions. It would be easy to lose hours in this room.

From the Rondom Aziƫ exhibit, Indian Cinema
From the Rondom Aziƫ exhibit, Indian Cinema

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