Garden Progress

So I have been very remiss in working on my garden for a variety of reasons. However, now I am starting to work on it so the past doesn’t matter. Except that it does matter because that means I have more weeds to remove. This week I picked up weedkiller, a couple garden tools, and some potting soil. Tucked away in the shed I found a large watering can, some empty planters, a hoe, and a rake.

Gardening tools and 20 L of potting soil.
Gardening tools and 20 L of potting soil.

If you want a reminder of the garden before here it is:
The garden (tuin in Dutch) in its current state.

Below are my current improvements to some eyesores before I get into the weeds.

Unfortunately, the table isn’t mine (part of the house we are renting) so I can’t refinish it. My solution: buy a bright table cloth to put over top.


The garden was lacking seating so I grabbed two plastic chairs from inside. A friend very kindly dropped off a lounge chair she is no longer using. Boom! Now Mike and I can eat or read in the garden.

I tossed broken pots and dead plants. The empty pots are now home to my herbs (so far I only have mint and coriander since I use those the most).

Re-potted herbs: mint and coriander
Re-potted herbs: mint and coriander

Next step is weeding and cleaning up the tiles.

2 thoughts on “Garden Progress”

  1. Can’t wait to see the ‘after’ pictures! You know I love to garden, but I also enjoy seeing other people’s efforts. Love, Mama

    1. Thanks. I am working on it. A friend is coming over next week to give me moral support and make sure I don’t uproot plants I want to keep. 🙂

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