Op de tuin

For most of my adult life I have lived in an apartment and someone else took care of the landscaping and the garden. When I moved to the Netherlands that all changed. Now we have a house with a little garden that needs a lot of help: trimming, weeding, planting and general cleaning. Over the winter it was too cold to do anything in the garden but now that it is spring, Mike and I can begin to fix it up.

The garden (tuin in Dutch) in its current state.
The garden (tuin in Dutch) in its current state.

The stone tiles need to be cleaned.

I also discovered that the lanterns are all rusted so just removing the wax and replacing the candles won’t work. We also need some chairs.
Mike wants to put in a chiminea and plant some mint maybe a couple other herbs.

Our front yard is a little overgrown even after trimming the bushes. However, the front yard requires less work than the garden.

Here is my ideal renovation for the garden:
tuin plan

Wish me luck, I’ll keep you updated on what we do with the garden.

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