Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands

This week I took a 3 day intensive Dutch language course, Learn Dutch Fast. It was amazing, a little intimidating, fun, and very helpful. During my 3 months in the Netherlands, I picked up a few words and phrases but not enough to create a dialogue with anyone. I knew I wanted to learn Dutch and after my first three months here, I realized how much easier my life would be.

Happily, a good friend also wanted to learn Dutch. So we decided to take a private immersion class together. This was my first time ever learning by immersion so I was a bit nervous but also very excited. We made amazing progress during the class and understood more than I had expected. I am now sold on immersion learning.

We learned while cooking, walking in the woods, shopping, and playing with the instructor’s dog. It was fun but challenging.

I have not reached native speaker level but I am able to ask questions, understand shopkeepers, and waiters (for the most part). I am looking forward to using my new Dutch and building my vocabulary.

class materials