When people ask me what I like about living in the Netherlands, I always give the same response. Walking. When Mike and I moved we sold our cars and decided not to buy a new one. This means our main mode of transportation is walking (followed by taking the train).

Most of my walking has been around town to figure out where I can buy this or that. However, last week a friend invited me along on a walk in the woods. From my house, it only takes about a kilometer before you reach the woods and the heather. (In this weather the heather is brown and not very picture worthy but I promise I’ll take pictures when it is in full bloom.) There are paths through the heather and the woods. On weekends these paths are packed with cyclists, walkers, and even a horse or two. All that walking and cycling makes a person thirsty, so the Dutch have thoughtfully placed tea houses (not to be confused with coffeeshops) and cafes throughout the woods. My friend and I stopped at one for a drink. Sadly they were out of the fresh mint tea that is very popular here so we opted for mulled wine instead.

I think more trips out to the woods will be on my agenda in the future.