Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

Sorry for posting this a day late. Mike and I had a fabulous new year; we were invited to a coworker’s house for the festivities. (I should preface this by saying that Mike works with a multi-national group of expats in addition to some Dutch folks.) The guest list was largely expats so we were able to converse in English. Everyone I met was fun, interesting, and full of stories about the various countries where they had lived.

The evening began – as I believe all good parties should – with a variety of beers, wine and snacks. There were stuffed mushrooms, chicken wings, mini rye bread sandwiches filled with cream cheese, pizza rustica filled with spinach and ricotta, rum bread, and other delicious foods. Close to midnight the neighborhood filled with bangs and crackling from fireworks. Every member of our party was outfitted with a winter coat and at least one sparkler and we headed out into the street. Colorful lights and loud bangs filled the street and the surrounding air. Around midnight the air was thick with smoke and the sound of fireworks (American readers think the finale of a fourth of July fireworks display and then multiply it by 10 and you will have an inkling of the atmosphere at midnight).

After we had exhausted the supply of sparklers, lanterns etc we headed inside for sparkling white wines and dessert. All in all we entered 2014 with good company and a joyous series of BANGS and BOOMS.