Moving In

At the beginning of December, we moved into our new place. We got really, really lucky and ended up renting a townhouse for about the same price as an apartment. The house was built in the 1930’s and was completely renovated within the last 10 years. I love the character of the house from the winding narrow stairs to the leaded glass. The landlord and his brother installed beautiful cabinets in the kitchen and hardwood floors in the kitchen, dining room, and sitting room. There is an office with built in shelves; a guest room with built-in wardrobes (this is crazy rare to have a built-in wardrobe or a closet here); and a bathroom with a heated floor, bathtub with jets and a heated towel rack.

At the moment we have the following furniture: a desk, a few chairs, a coffee table, a couple dressers and an air mattress. Most of that was left by the landlord for us to use. So for the moment we have been spending most of our time in the office where there is the desk and chairs.

Our lack of furniture necessitated a trip to Ikea. Since we have no car (we took the train to Ikea) we are having our furniture delivered. We did pick up a couple odds and ends to carry back. I have to say knowing that you have to carry your purchases home (or in certain cases have them delivered) really makes you think hard before buying.

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    1. When we have furniture, I’ll post pictures. 🙂 Right now it is depressingly bare.

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